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old shop gallery

Welcome to Old Shop Gallery

Brief History

Established in 1952, Old Shop Gallery stands as an enduring testament to time's graceful touch. Located in the heart of the mesmerizing Khan el-Khalili district in Cairo, Egypt, our gallery is not merely a space but a living chronicle of the rich tapestry of history.

Old Shop Gallery

With each passing decade, Old Shop Gallery has become a guardian of stories, a curator of timeless artifacts that whisper the secrets of bygone eras. Situated amidst the vibrant energy of Khan el-Khalili, our space pays homage to the traditions and craftsmanship that have shaped the cultural landscape of Cairo.

As you step into Old Shop Gallery ,

You are transported to a world where the echoes of the past resonate in every curated piece. From vintage furniture to unique curiosities, our collection captures the essence of an era marked by elegance and craftsmanship. We invite you to wander through our gallery, where the air is infused with the nostalgia of 1952, and each artifact is a chapter waiting to be explored.

Old Shop Gallery is more than a destination; it is a celebration of heritage, an invitation to embrace the beauty of days gone by. Join us on this journey through time.

Founder's Story:

The Old Shop Gallery Company was established in 1952, and the founder of the company was Mr. Mustafa Nono. He worked with jewelry and precious stones for several years before moving to the antiques trade. He was innovative in crafting jewelry and working with his own designs. He loved handicrafts and had a passion for antiques. He used to collect antiques from Old palaces and auctions and he became a lover of them. He entered the field of antiques trade and became one of the leading antiques dealers in Egypt and all countries of the world. Then this trade was passed down to his son Mr Waleed Mostafa Nono, where he expanded into the field of antiques acquisition and became a large collection of unique antiques from all over the world and participated in several Exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates, and Old Shop has become a brand for all lovers of collecting antiques in the world.

- Mission Statement:

"At Old Shop Gallery, we curate and preserve a unique collection of antiques, embodying history's craftsmanship and cultural richness. Since 1952, our mission is to provide a timeless destination where each item tells a story, fostering an appreciation for the enduring beauty of the past."

Vision Statement:

Old Shop Gallery envisions being a global beacon of historical elegance, known for its exceptional collection and commitment to preserving the legacy of antiquities. We aspire to create an immersive experience where the appreciation for antiques transcends generations, fostering a legacy that inspires curiosity and a deep connection with our shared human history.